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AtlanticMidwest Investment Research is the provider of investment research, allocation, implementation, and monitoring of institutional investment portfolios for the clients of

With more than twenty years of experience investing for clients, our principal’s goal and vision is to bring the same depth and expertise to those who, until now, were unable to access such powerful retirement planning tools.

For decades, wealthy and affluent clients have been able to access top-rated investment managers and portfolio design. Now, due to technological advancements and internet capabilities, we are able to provide the same experience to all Americans for as little $25 per month to start or $250 for professionally-allocated investment portfolios.

What this means is the elimination of any reason not to save and invest for retirement!

We then combine our investment expertise with cutting-edge savings strategies. We help you combine traditional savings techniques, like automatic bank savings and ACH, with new ideas and strategies such as EASi – Payroll deduction Individual Investment Accounts which may, at the discretion of the employee, be later used to fund a Traditional or Roth IRA. Add that to an experienced team of professionals with the ideas and abilities necessary to change the paradigm of retirement in America and the world, and you have a winning combination!

Learn more about our long-term investment strategies team here.

Learn more about our programs designed to help you eliminate your obstacles to financial freedom here. was acquired from RFG Global Asset Management in 2019 and re-established as a low cost,  online, automatic investment tool for clients with less than the Private Client minimum of $100,000. It’s also available for those clients whom wanted a more self service, low cost way to invest in pre-allocated mutual funds and ETF’s using Traditional Strategic Asset Allocation. Managed stock and certain ETF portfolios are not available through