Achieving financial security during these turbulent times seems quite difficult. In fact, many Americans are not actively planning for their retirement. The sooner you start implementing a retirement savings plan, the easier it will be to achieve your financial goals. When it comes to retirement planning tools that people can benefit from, we’re confident that our system is the best! RFG Global is proud to offer reliable retirement investment strategies in order to grow wealth for our clients. is an online platform that gives users the ability to put their cash back rewards from shopping into our safe investment options. If you are seeking a well-founded strategy for building wealth, you’ve come to the right place!

Last time, we looked at the pros and cons of saving for retirement versus investing. While your long-term investment strategies involve more risk, it’s important to note that the payoff from a savings account is not as profitable.

Investment Profitability

While your savings account will yield small gains from interest (hopefully a high rate!), it is considered a low contributor for any retirement plan. Investing that capital, on the other hand, offers the opportunity for acquiring much more equity over a savings account. Increasing your net worth is the name of the game, and our team is ready to help!

Our retirement planning program gives clients the ability to automatically take money from their cash back shopping and put it into an individual brokerage account. However, our micro-investing platform can be changed based on your preferences to a Roth IRA or other account type. With so many different options and offers for long-term wealth, it’s easy to see why is one of the best retirement planning tools available!

Should I Save or Invest?

Investing was once a secretive art that could only be afforded by the wealthy and affluent citizens in this country. Innovation and technology have worked in concert to give us the chance to open up investment opportunities for the average citizen. Saving money in an account is ideal for short-term wealth, whether it be for a Caribbean cruise or financial security in case of an emergency. Investing is suited for people seeking long-term financial stability, from paying for your child’s schooling to comfortably retiring. Each tactic holds its own benefits and drawbacks. Therefore, our general advice would be to do both. When possible, be sure to sock away money for a rainy day. Receiving cash back on purchases, however, should involve putting that currency to work to acquire more wealth down the road.

RFG Global is here to provide the best retirement planning tools for all of our clients. From automatic bank savings to payroll deductions for IRA accounts, we do it all. Partnering with has given us the ability to offer more convenient financial solutions, putting what is deemed “free money” into professionally-managed investment accounts. Our team will work hard to ensure that your investments are put to work in safe, equitable sources. Contact us online today for answers to your questions, then be sure to sign up today!