For Rollover assistance, just call us at 800-871-0521 ext. 2

There are two things you need to know when rolling over your 401k to your new IRA, the name of your past Employer and the name of the Record Keeper.

Hopefully, the Employer is easy. That’s whoever you worked for. Talking to the Human Resources Representative may be easy or very difficult depending on the size of the company. They may or may not be of much help.

Who you really need to talk to is your Record Keeper.

Fortunately, we make it easy – just call us! We can help you through the maze of 401k rollovers as we have for so many others! You can reach us at 800-871-0521 ext. 2. We can easily locate information on thousands of employers and their 401k record keepers making the not so easy – a breeze!

Want to do it yourself? Bright Scope makes it easy to locate the name and phone number of the Record Keeper you need to call. If you want to look up the information for yourself just click here and you can link directly to Bright Scope’s 401k lookup.

However, if you want to make your life the easiest it can be, just call us at 800-871-0521 ext. 2, you will be transferred to a Rollover Facilitation Consultant who will help you start the process. We’ll look up your 401k Record Keeper for you, help you locate the documents you need and then set you up with a Rollover Specialist to complete your Rollover. The Rollover Specialist will call you and your 401k Provider / Record Keeper on a conference call during normal business hours to complete your rollover (since this is when the Record Keepers are available).

We’ll do everything we can to make getting your retirement plan on track as easy as possible.

After all, you have better things to do!