A Cash Back account is a single owner account which utilizes Cash Back from Rebates as the primary funding method. As Cash Back Rebates are earned and awarded by the individual instead of receiving the Rebate by check directly, through Paypal or some other electronic method, the individual elects and directs that cash back rebate to be directly invested into a Cash Back Individual Investment Account.

Accounts may be set up as Individual, Joint, Roth IRA or Tradiational IRA and it is up to the account owner to select the account which makes the most sense for their situation.

The account is then automatically invested according to the account owners goals. Funds are avaialable after the minimum redemption period so as not to incur early redemption fees.

Account owners may transfer some or all of the Individual or Joint account into Traditional or Roth IRA’s that may be chosen and set up for the your account.

Accounts may be opened with as little as $10 and $10 per month recurring ACH or Payroll Deposit.

The $10 per month minimum may be waived in the event that you are opening a Cash Back Investment Account.

The account owner may assign a beneficiary to the account by using a Transfer On Death arrangement.

Individual accounts are taxable to the account owner and we manage investments in the account using tax minimization strategies and are allocated and managed for efficiency.

Funds of 0 to 1,000 dollars are managed using tax efficient mutual funds and may be reorganized into ETF’s for accounts over $1,000.