istock-584865326America loves to shop…

But America doesn’t love to save!

Why not turn America’s obsession into a driving force to create savings, wealth and financial security?

We wanted to help create new ways to save based on the new opportunities brought by the internet, such as partnering with Cash Back Virtual Shopping Malls to automatically invest some or all of that cash back to create and build financial independence.

By seamlessly and automatically creating the option for people to save some or all of their cash back into a professionally-designed and managed investment account, you now have the opportunity to build wealth with long-term investment strategies by simply shopping at your favorite spots.

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We have made it incredibly easy to direct some or all of those funds into an investment plan designed specifically for you and based on your goals and comfort with risk.

Your cash back investment account is set up as an individual brokerage account. But you can change it to a Traditional IRA, Roth IRA, business account, or other savings and investment program based on your goals. Our innovative new technology makes fulfilling your retirement savings plan effortless and enjoyable.

You now have the most seamless way possible to create financial independence and combine cash back direct investing with your other savings and investment goals in order to access the American Dream– True Financial Independence!

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