1. 3 Better Investments Than Powerball

    The odds of winning the lottery are astronomically long. Yet, the allure of pocketing hundreds of millions of dollars can tempt even the staunchest penny pincher. While there's no harm in playing your lucky numbers every now and again, coming down with a serious case of lottery fever can prove costl…Read More

  2. Asset Protection at a Glance

    In this litigious society, where it is not uncommon for citizens to sue each other over the most trivial of issues, people are rightly concerned with becoming the target of a lawsuit. This is especially true for those whose jobs place them in the contentious business world and workplace. Some indivi…Read More

  3. A New Reality for Emerging Families

    The financial challenges facing younger couples are quite different than those of yesteryear. Let’s take a look at John and Becky Stewart. John and Becky are in their late twenties and have been married for five years. John is a sales representative for a computer software company and Becky works …Read More

  4. 25 Financial Tidbits

    People often have twice the credit they actually need. Avoid temptation by never charging more than 50% of your total credit limit. Join your company’s retirement plan and try to contribute as much as you can, especially when the contribution is made from before-tax earnings. Can you imagine your …Read More