EASi – Payroll Deduction Savings Plan with Employer Assistance Saving incentive

Automatically save for your future through Payroll Deduction!

Your Employer will like it because it’s Free and doesn’t require complicated IRS rules. It Helps Everyone!

You’ll like it because it’s EASi to set up and savings build up Automatically. Also, you have the CHOICE to move the funds to a Traditional or Roth IRA if it makes sense for you and your future!

Open your Individual or Joint Savings Account – then set up a Traditional or Roth IRA if you wish to save on taxes now and as your account grows.

America faces a retirement problem – over 50% of Americans do not have access to employer-sponsored retirement plans.

There are two reasons for this:

  1. Qualified plans are expensive to set up and maintain. Further, complying with all the rules and the associated costs make it unattractive for many employers to get involved.
  2. Employees don’t have access or any incentive to save and don’t really know why they should save.

In response to the problem, the government created programs and mandates to make you save. The problem here is that, again, due to bureaucracy and politics, state and federal saving plans fall short of their intended purpose – helping you save and build a successful retirement plan on your terms!

Our response?

Make it EASi!

EASi combines a Standard Payroll Deduction Savings Plan into a Individual or Joint Brokerage Account which may then, at the discretion of the Employee, be transferred into a Traditional IRA or Roth IRA based on their goals. The Employee and Employer may create matching formulas which both agree upon to stimulate and motivate savings. This is not a match to a retirement account but instead a discretionary matching plan for a standard individual or joint brokerage savings account only.

Since this is an employee and employer agreement to access savings through payroll deduction, not a retirement matching program, the complicated rules associate with Payroll Deduction IRA’s or most Qualified Retirement Plans do not apply.

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