is dedicated to bring you an easy way to save for retirement and other goals and the best value possible. High investment management fees can be a drag on your portfolio, that’s why offers some of the lowest investment advisory fees in the industry.

The average financial advisor usually won’t eve accept accounts for less than $100,000 and even then, the often charge 1.00 – 2.00% or more based on the assets under management. That’s over $1,000 to 2,000 annually!

At with our low, low fee schedule, you can access portfolios designed based on your needs for up to more than 80% less than other typical investment advisors. That’s money staying in your pocket!

With a $50,000 portfolio at a traditional investment advisor, you could have lost more than $12,000 to fees.

Let’s be straight about the fees you pay to have your portfolio professionally managed:

Assets Advisory Fee
Mutual funds minimum investment: $25/month or $500
$0-$3,000 $2.50 per month, deducted quarterly
$3,000.01+ .45% annually, deducted quarterly


Assets Advisory Fee
ETF minimum investment: $25/month or $500
$0-$3,000 $2.50 per month, deducted quarterly
Over $3,000+ .45% annually, deducted quarterly.