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AmericasRetirementPlan.com was created to help you create wealth from multiple channels, but for now let’s concentrate on your main reason for getting started today.

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Invest Cash Back from Shopping     Save for Retirement      Rollover to an IRA     Start LyncSave

Other - Start an Individual or Joint Investment Account     Other - Save for College

Cash Back Investing: Direct invest cash back from shopping at NvestBates to grow wealth and create financial freedom.

Save for Retirement: Click on the Retirement tab and start saving for retirement or add to your current plan! We make it easy with a straight through direct investing. Use the Comprehensive Retirement Calculator of the following page to determine your needs. Then get started on the right path!

Rollover to and IRA: Click on he Retirement tab, note on the following page for goal that you are Rolling over. then fill out your information as needed. Once complete and your investment plan has been selected you can choose Rollover and get on the right track!

LyncSave: Move dead or stale cash that isn’t doing anything to your LyncSave account for growth! Complete the application and choose your bank account you want to start your automatic LyncSave saving plan with that you control!

Start your Individual or Joint Investment Account: Click on Other and you can start saving for other goals such as a car, house, business or any other longer term goal you control.

Education: Choose Other and start saving for college and other higher education expenses in a Coverdell ESA you control.