There are literally thousands of investment possibilities. We research the myriad of investment companies,  consisting of Exchange Traded Funds or ETF’s and Mutual Funds which consist of Stocks, Bonds, Real Estate, Fixed Income and other possibilities to find the best investment criteria according to our analysis methods which has the potential for helping you reach your goals.

That being said, we generally believe in the tried and true method’s, such as proper Strategic Asset Allocation,which have been proven over years of experience.

When a manager is selected, whether it is a mutual fund or ETF, we go deep in finding out why we should select them to invest.


Once the proper research has been accomplished, our investment team, along with our CIO, Douglas Reed, begin to impement the managers, funds and strategies for our clients.

Depending on geo-economic situations, portfolios may need to be enhanced over time using Dollar Cost Averaging strategies, re-balanced or modified as needed to ensure growth, income and preservation.


We monitor the investment portfolios, their model allocations and the managers for performance. If there is a reason to change managers, our Investment team meets to go over possibilities and we make a definite move which we believe will lead to the best results for our clients.

It’s more than just monitoring investments. Monitoring economic growth, political movements and changing technology trends can affect investment outcomes. Ultimately, we feel our goals are aligned considering that the better you do, the better we do as well.

As a partnership, team as the advisor and client working together to make sure your investment and retirement plans are as solid as possible!

We stay on top of all of it – for you!