What keeps investors up at night?

    The fear of a market in serious decline!

Everyone likes a market while it’s going up. But what’s to do when the market is falling?

  • Sell?
  • Buy more?
  • Protect?

Emotions get the best of all investors, novice and professional alike. We’ve created a way to reduce the anxiety!

WealthSentry from AmericasRetirementPlan.com and the Reed Financial Group, Inc. automatically monitors the S&P 500, the EAFE and other markets each day. If markets hit your predetermined Volatility Target, moderately aggressive or Aggressive Portfolio are automatically re-positioned based on investor to guidelines to either a Moderately Conservative portfolio until new parameters are achieved, in order to guard against potentially serious decline.

This way, you’re never “out of the market”, however, your portfolio is re-balanced to a much less aggressive portfolio. Portfolios that utilize WealthSentry can let you sleep better at night, knowing that you have a well thought out, specific plan of action in the event that things get turbulent. You know your portfolio is being watched and a strategy in place to make sure your Retirement stays on track!

WealthSentry is not a stop loss system. Instead it is based on pre-arranged target portfolios for growth and preservation based on you and your needs.

That’s what we call Retirement Oriented Intelligence!


  • Rollover your old 401k, or other Corporate Retirement Plan today!
  • Transfer IRA’s and Brokerage Investment Accounts too.

WealthSentry works every market day to look out for and help protect your wealth!